100 Ways an OBM Can Elevate Your Business

by | Feb 2023

An online business manager (OBM) is a virtually-based support professional who manages online-based businesses. This includes the day-to-day management of projects, operations, systems, metrics, and teams. The role of an OBM is to ensure the right things get done at the right time. In the right way, by the right team members. OBMs are magical creatures.


That being said, there are over 100 ways an OBM can elevate your business to the next level. Working with a Certified OBM can remove you from the day-to-day management of your business. This allows you to focus on your zone of genius and scaling your business. In a nutshell, your OBM is your virtual office or business manager. We can even set you up with the systems you need to streamline your virtual office.


When you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to stop being the one to “take care of everything,” you’re ready for an OBM. If you are ready to elevate your business to the next level, I’d love to chat. Let’s get together to see where you are in your business, where you’d like to be, and how you can get there. Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of 100 ways an OBM can elevate your business.


Elevate your business with project management

  1. Create project plans, including timelines, processes, people needed, and resource allocation
  2. Setup and maintain your online project management (PM) tool
  3. Delegate details of projects to team members
  4. Communicate project statuses and ongoing details
  5. Follow-up with stakeholders as needed to ensure deadlines are met
  6. Manage the project budget
  7. Handle challenges for projects as they arise and create customized solutions


Scale your business with team management

  1. Identify team needs with business goals in mind
  2. Create measures of success for different roles
  3. Determine what types of specialists are needed within the team
  4. Craft job posts and job details
  5. Promote job opportunities in relevant communities
  6. Filter initial responses and review portfolios
  7. Setup interviews with job candidates
  8. Narrow choices after primary interviews
  9. Set up secondary interviews when necessary
  10. Check references from other clients
  11. Review proposals from preferred candidates
  12. Make offers to selected candidates
  13. Ensure there is a signed contract before work beings
  14. Create a communication plan with new team members
  15. Get new team members proper training for their role
  16. Regular reporting on measures of success for their role
  17. 90-day reviews or end-of-project reviews for team members
  18. Keep the team motivated in their work
  19. Handle team challenges as they arise
  20. Manage the team budget and expenses


Boost your business with operations management

  1. Review key systems needed to run your unique business (customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up, and delivery)
  2. Create processes, tools, and players for key systems within the business
  3. Implement automated business tools and software to manage various systems
  4. Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guides
  5. Manage all client payments and collections processes
  6. Ensure there are effective backup systems in place for all information
  7. Manage systems access and login information
  8. Establish decision-making guides for team members
  9. Track metrics and KPIs
  10. Manage your revenue streams
  11. Keep track of key statistics for your business on a weekly and monthly basis
  12. Setup a reporting system including what to track
  13. Manage the deliverability of revenue streams (setting up a download page for an ebook)
  14. Analyze metrics and discuss trends/patterns
  15. Manage the production and completion of revenue streams (books, workbooks, membership programs, virtual events, and coaching programs)
  16. Ensure customer service is in place to support each revenue stream
  17. Manage the setup of any applicable tools or software for different revenue streams (WordPress etc)
  18. Ensure systems are in place so that new clients get immediate access to their purchases
  19. Setup fulfillment of any tangible/shippable items
  20. Manage the ongoing maintenance of revenue streams
  21. Review revenue streams and ensure information remains current


Elevate your business with website management

  1. Manage all updates to website content
  2. Review the content on all websites and ensure information remains current
  3. Manage the creation of new websites
  4. Find and manage web/blog designers, graphic designers, and copywriters as needed
  5. Set up processes behind the subscribe button for list building
  6. Test all links, forms, and buy buttons on the website
  7. Ensure Google Analytics is in place
  8. Set up the processes behind the buy button for purchases
  9. Ensure social media applications and plugins are in place
  10. Source testimonials for inclusion on web pages


Ramp up your business with Ezine schedule management

  1. Establish your Ezine publication schedule
  2. Manage your lists
  3. Help create a professional Ezine template
  4. Establish your promotional schedule
  5. Manage ads and other promotional material included in Ezine
  6. Ensure that your Ezine is published on schedule
  7. Review content for Ezine
  8. Manage solo emails and other promotions sent to the list
  9. Coordinate with affiliates and JV partners as required for cross-promotions


Elevate your business with launch management

  1. Setup a launch plan based on strategy
  2. Ensure key players are in place for each stage of the launch
  3. Establish a clear promotional schedule for each phase of the launch
  4. Work with a copywriter for launch materials when needed
  5. Manage the creation of sales pages
  6. Work with affiliate partners
  7. Keep everyone on task throughout the launch
  8. Support the business owner throughout the launch
  9. Be available on the day of launch for any emergencies
  10. Update all websites and other marketing materials after the launch
  11. Ensure the offer is delivered as promised


Boost your business with affiliate program management

  1. Work with the business owner to establish details for their affiliate program
  2. Setup the affiliate program in the shopping cart
  3. Coordinate promotional materials for various promotions
  4. Setup a resource page for affiliates
  5. Keep in touch with affiliates to advise upcoming promotions
  6. Follow up with affiliates as needed to support their promotions
  7. Manage your JV partnerships
  8. Create project plans for JV partners
  9. Manage the implementation of any JV partner projects
  10. Coordinate with members of the JV partner’s team
  11. Manage payment of affiliates
  12. Communicate key details to players involved
  13. Follow up with JV partners as needed to bring the project to life


Elevate your business with speaking engagement management

  1. Prepare speaking kits as needed
  2. Review speaking requests on behalf of the client
  3. Confirm details of the speaking agreement
  4. Coordinate details with the host to ensure successful outcomes
  5. Manage travel to lessen burdens on the business owner
  6. Prepare all speaking materials in advance
  7. Order any products to be sold on-site
  8. Onsite management as needed
  9. Manage marketing implementation (social media, article marketing, affiliate joint venture marketing, email marketing, publicity, SEO, and more)


Bonus: Ellyvate your business by freeing up your schedule

  1. Review where the business owner spends their time
  2. Proactively take things off your plate
  3. Act as a gatekeeper on your behalf
  4. Setup new custom systems to save more time for your unique business model, team, and goals
  5. Create email management systems for you
  6. Setup a scheduling system
  7. Streamline existing systems
  8. Setup a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool


6-steps-to Scale-your-biz-sustainably-100-ways-an-obm-can-help-you



OBMs are magical. An Ellyvated online business manager is not just an accredited OBM, we become your business bestie. We make it our mission to equip heart-centered entrepreneurs with the systems, tools, and structures to scale their unique service-based businesses with ease.


Your OBM focuses on taking things off your plate, so you can focus on what matters most in your business. We’ll help you remove the bottlenecks in your business and take back your time by creating and implementing customized systems and processes for your unique business, team dynamic, and goals. Let’s make the world a brighter place, and do meaningful work together.


Hop on a call with me here, so we can chat about how we can Ellyvate your business to the next level. Let’s add time back to your day. What’s holding you back from partnering with a magical OBM?



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