5 Essential Tools in My Toolkit for My Online Business

by | May, 2023 | Online Business Tips

Hey heart-centered entrepreneur, Elly here, with more on online business toolkits. Last month, I focused on 5 types of tools you need in your business to boost productivity and decrease the time you spend IN your business. Today, I’d like to focus on the 5 essential tools in my toolkit for my online business.


To recap last month’s blog, yes, I said business toolkit. And no, I’m not talking about hammers and screwdrivers—definitely not my area of expertise. I’m talking about a toolkit specifically designed for online business owners who want to elevate their businesses and stay in their zone of genius. Warning, I love multifunctional tools. The fewer tools or systems, I can use in my business without sacrificing quality, the happier I am.


What is a Business Toolkit?

You might be thinking, “But I already have tools and apps that I use for my business.” And that’s great! But a toolkit is more than just a collection of tools. It’s a system, a set of processes and resources that work together to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


If you’d like to learn more about what a business toolkit is or why you need a business toolkit to really elevate your business to the next level, check this out. In my blog post last month, I really dove into why and how our businesses are as unique as we are, and our systems should reflect that to really highlight these advantages.


5 Essential Tools in My Toolkit

Without further ado, I’ll hop into the top 5 tools, I have in my toolkit. I’ll also share a bit about how I customized them for my business. Because, most high-quality tools, both paid and free, can often be used for more than the purpose they were designed for.


Running an online business is challenging because of the number of tasks involved. Selecting suitable tools requires considering the uniqueness of each business. What works for one may not work for another. However, exploring how I use the tools in my toolkit can provide a helpful starting point.


My Toolkit Must Have #1: My CRM, Dubsado

One of the most important tools for any online business owner is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. CRM systems help you manage all of your interactions with customers and prospective clients, from lead generation to sales to post-purchase support. You can use your CRM to keep track of your customer information, history, and preferences.


As a low-volume, high-end online business manager, I may not rely on Dubsado daily. However, as a neurodivergent entrepreneur, I can confidently say that this CRM has significantly reduced my stress. Since implementing Dubsado, the burden of responding to emails and following up on proposals has been alleviated.


Incorporating a multifunctional CRM into my toolkit has increased my peace of mind. BONUS: I use Dubsado not just to automate my client’s journey, but also as a scheduler! Mind blown, I know. The ability to track and automate the entire client journey from our first Clarity Call, to our proposal, to the contract and invoicing, to offboarding, has been a game changer for me.


My Toolkit Must Have #2: My PM Tool, ClickUp

Having a PM or Project Management tool is the most important tool to have in your toolkit. This is doubly true as your business and team grow. When a robust PM tool is used, it can take months to set up, but always proves to be an invaluable investment. I utilize my PM tool in my business and in my 7 figure clients’ businesses as a virtual office to centralize our businesses.


I’m always raving about ClickUp, so you probably already know what my PM tool of choice is! I use ClickUp in my business in so many different ways. From time tracking to task, metrics, and project management. ClickUp is the only tool I use every single day in my business.


Despite the learning curve ClickUp has, the investment pays for itself almost immediately. BONUS: I use ClickUp for marketing! From content planning to repurposing, ClickUp is the powerhouse that simplifies the marketing processes for your entire team. Yes, I came today to blow your mind 🤯!


My Toolkit Must Have #3: My Email Marketing Tool, Convertkit

Utilizing an email marketing tool empowers entrepreneurs to effectively connect with a broad yet specific audience. As your business expands, managing marketing requirements can become demanding. An email marketing tool simplifies the process by enabling the creation of automated campaigns, including welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and post-purchase follow-ups.


I use Convertkit in my business to keep things simple. While I don’t use it to send out a newsletter, yet, it’s still one of my favorite tools. Why? Because, I use it to build my email list, for when I am ready to start my newsletter. Sign up here!

6-steps-to Scale-your-biz-gain-clairity-3-benefits-of-a-dating-project

HOT TIP: If you aren’t ready to start a newsletter, don’t rush things. It’s way more important to spend time curating your email list and finding your people. Not all numbers are important, quality over quantity.


My Toolkit Must Have #4: My Scheduler, Buffer

Your social media scheduling tool can help you reach a wider audience. By scheduling content to be posted at optimal times, entrepreneurs can ensure that content is seen by more people. This can lead to increased engagement, followers, and ultimately, sales.


I use the tool, Buffer, to schedule almost all my posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Why not all my posts? Because sometimes, I have a random thought I need to share ASAP 😂. BONUS: You can use Buffer to keep track of engagement metrics. This helps you better curate your posts for your people. Follow me on FB here and on LinkedIn here, for more marketing tips.


My Toolkit Must Have #5: My Design Tool, Canva

Finally, a design tool such as Canva plays a crucial role in the success of a growing business. Canva is an exceptionally versatile design tool that empowers entrepreneurs to produce top-notch graphics, presentations, social media posts, and other visually appealing content. When your business grows, more marketing materials are needed. Canva can be an invaluable asset for creating professional-looking designs quickly and easily whether you are creative or not!


As an organized creative, Canva is my favorite tool to lose track of time with. I love creating graphics and videos for my clients and my business using Canva. BONUS: You can create QR codes and even portfolios/websites using Canva. Give in to the temptation 😅!




Are you looking to scale your business and stay in your zone of genius? Of course, you are! But let’s face it, as your business grows, so do the challenges. That’s where having the right tools in your toolkit becomes essential. According to Forbes, having a well-curated toolkit helps us work on our business as opposed to getting stuck working “in” it.


The top 5 tools to love in my toolkit are, Dubsado: my customer relationship management tool or CRM, ClickUp: my project management tool or PM, Canva: my design tool, Buffer: my social media scheduling tool, and Convertkit: my email marketing tool. These tools may not be able to make you a cup of coffee (yet!), but they can certainly make running your online business a whole lot easier. With a well-curated toolkit, you’ll be well on your way to online business success with ease.


Hop on a call with me here, so we can chat about how we can Ellyvate your business to the next level with customized tools and systems. Let’s add time back to your day. So, what’s holding you back from customizing your online business toolkit?


…This was a lot longer than I intended 😅.



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