5 Tools You Need in Your Business Toolkit

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Hey friend and heart-centered entrepreneur! Elly here, your Ellyvated online business manager, strategic fairy (systems strategist), business bestie, and “Hand of the Queen”. Today, I want to talk about something that is essential for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level: the 5 tools you need in your business toolkit.

Yes, that’s right, a business toolkit. And no, I’m not talking about hammers and screwdrivers—definitely not my area of expertise. I’m talking about a toolkit specifically designed for online business owners who want to elevate their businesses and stay in their zone of genius.


What is a Business Toolkit?

You might be thinking, “But I already have tools and apps that I use for my business.” And that’s great! But a toolkit is more than just a collection of tools. It’s a system, a set of processes and resources that work together to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

A business toolkit is a collection of resources and strategies that are designed to help entrepreneurs achieve goals and improve operations. These toolkits can include a wide range of resources, such as templates, guides, checklists, software programs, and online courses. All of these resources are tailored to your specific business needs.


Why Do You Need a Business Toolkit?

There are many reasons why having a business toolkit can be incredibly beneficial for business owners. Benefits from streamlining operations and increasing efficiency to staying organized and on top of tasks. I believe our businesses are as unique as we are, and our systems should reflect that to highlight these advantages.

With a well-curated toolkit, entrepreneurs can save on costs, and improve productivity, and customer satisfaction. All of which can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Additionally, they can allow us more time to focus on strategic decision-making and growth opportunities.

According to an article by Marketing Business News, efficient use of business tools has been proven to decrease stress. Even LinkedIn has discussed the productivity-boosting benefits of business toolkits. Having a business toolkit can help businesses of all sizes and stages of growth to operate more efficiently, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve greater success.


What Are the Top 5 Types of Tools You Should Have In Your Toolkits?

When running an online business, one of the biggest challenges that business owners face is staying on top of all the moving parts. That’s why I invest in multifunctioning, powerhouse tools in my toolkit. For more on which tools I have in my toolkit, check out my blog post!

When it comes to choosing the right tools for your business, it’s important to keep in mind that every business is unique. What works for one business may not work for another. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 types of tools you can soon have in your toolkit!


Toolkit Must Have #1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

One of the most important tools for any online business owner is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. CRM systems help you manage all of your interactions with customers and prospective clients. From lead generation to sales to post-purchase support, CRMs do it all. You can use your CRM to keep track of your customer information, history, and preferences.

A robust CRM allows you to personalize your communication and offer better customer service. This leads to increased loyalty and sales. As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all of the different touchpoints that customers have with the company. A CRM helps you centralize all of this information. This gives a complete view of each customer’s history and preferences.

A CRM helps entrepreneurs automate many customer-facing processes. For example, a CRM can be used to send automated follow-up emails, schedule appointments, and even track sales leads. By automating these tasks, you free up time to focus on other aspects of growing your business.


Toolkit Must Have #2: Project Management (PM) Tool

I believe a PM or Project Management tool is the most important tool to have in your toolkit. When a robust PM tool like Notion or ClickUp is selected, it can take months to set up. With a professional, setup can be done in a few weeks and always proves to be an invaluable investment. I utilize my PM tool in my business and in my 7 figure clients’ businesses as a virtual office to centralize all operations.

A PM tool helps entrepreneurs keep their projects organized and on track. As a business grows, the number of projects and tasks that need to be managed can quickly become overwhelming. A PM can help you centralize all project information, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress, making it easier to stay on top of everything.

A well-set-up PM tool helps entrepreneurs improve communication and collaboration within their teams. This includes contractors, subcontractors, and permanent team members. By having all project information and communication in one place, team members can easily stay updated on progress and collaborate more effectively. This can lead to better teamwork, faster decision-making, and ultimately, better project outcomes.


Toolkit Must Have #3: Email Marketing Tool

An email marketing tool enables entrepreneurs to reach a large audience in a highly targeted way. As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with customers and leads on a one-on-one basis. An email marketing tool allows entrepreneurs to send personalized, targeted messages to a large number of subscribers at once, making it easier to stay in touch with customers and build strong relationships.

Your email marketing tool can also help automate your marketing processes. As businesses scale, it can be challenging to keep up with the demands of marketing. An email marketing tool can be used to set up automated campaigns, such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and post-purchase follow-up emails. This helps entrepreneurs save time and focus on other aspects of growing their business.

Another key benefit of an email marketing tool is that it can help entrepreneurs track marketing performance. By analyzing email campaign data, entrepreneurs can gain insights into open rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics. This can help you identify what’s working well and what needs improvement with your marketing strategy.


Toolkit Must Have #4: Social Media Scheduling Tool

A social media scheduling tool enables entrepreneurs to save time and streamline social media management. As businesses grow, managing social media accounts can become increasingly time-consuming. A scheduling tool allows entrepreneurs to plan and schedule content in advance, so you can focus on other important tasks while still maintaining an active social media presence.

Your social media scheduling tool helps you reach a wider audience. By scheduling content to be posted at optimal times, entrepreneurs can ensure that content is seen by more people. This can lead to increased engagement, followers, and ultimately, sales. Another key benefit of a social media scheduling tool is that it allows entrepreneurs to maintain a consistent brand voice and image across all social media platforms.


Toolkit Must Have #5: Design Tool

Last, but not least, a design tool like Canva, is vital to a growing business. Canva is an incredibly versatile design tool that enables entrepreneurs to create high-quality graphics, presentations, social media posts, and other visual content. As businesses grow and more marketing materials are needed, Canva can be an invaluable asset for creating professional-looking designs quickly and easily whether you are creative or not!

Canva is a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs who may not have the budget to hire a graphic designer. With Canva’s user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates, entrepreneurs can create custom designs without the need for professional design expertise or expensive software. BONUS: Canva’s collaboration features make it easy for entrepreneurs to work with others on design projects.

Canva also allows you to maintain a consistent brand image across all marketing materials. As businesses scale, it can be challenging to ensure that all marketing materials are consistent with the brand’s image and messaging. Canva can be used to create templates and design elements that reflect the brand’s visual identity, making it easier to maintain a consistent look and feel across all marketing materials.

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Are you looking to scale your business and stay in your zone of genius? Of course, you are! But let’s face it, as your business grows, so do the challenges. That’s where having the right tools in your toolkit becomes essential. According to Forbes, having a well-curated toolkit helps us work on our business as opposed to getting stuck working “in” it.

By leveraging a business toolkit, as an entrepreneur you can save time and effort, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. So, whether you’re starting a new business or looking to take your existing enterprise to the next level, a well-curated business toolkit is an essential resource that can help you succeed.

The top 5 tools to have in your toolkit are, a customer relationship management tool or a CRM, a project management tool or a PM, a design tool, a social media scheduling tool, and an email marketing tool. These tools may not be able to make you a cup of coffee (yet!), but they can certainly make your online business life a whole lot easier. With a CRM, PM, design tool, social media scheduling tool, and email marketing tool, you’ll be well on your way to online business success with ease.

Hop on a call with me here, so we can chat about how we can Ellyvate your business to the next level with next-level tools and systems. Let’s add time back to your day. So, what’s holding you back from customizing your online business toolkit?


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