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Intentional Communications, Beyond Marketing

You’ve got those big goals, the little goals, and the goals that haven’t yet become goals. So many things to be done, but you don’t have the clarity or bandwidth to turn those goals into action.

You’re in just the right place, heart-centered visionary.

Because being a passionate dreamer shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from making your dreams a reality and sharing your passion with YOUR people.

Communicate Intentionally & Connect Authentically.

Authenticity requires more than a cookie cutter strategy.

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Hi, I’m Elly (Mishelle), the Founder of Ellyvated

At Ellyvated, we specialize in getting things off your plate, so you’re not wearing all the hats in your business. It goes beyond one woman; we’re an entire team of international professionals with over 40 years of combined excellence and experience.

It’s time to collaborate with an Ellyvated team that shares your values and is as invested as you are in achieving your business vision.

Crafting bespoke solutions, one project at a time.

Meet the Team

Kimiko Asinobi

Creative Copywriter & Marketing Specialist

It lights me up, increasing our clients’ visibility 👁️ by artfully merging their unique stories with strategic marketing. I believe in nurturing culture and community.

When I’m not amplifying your authentic voice, you can catch me adventuring with my bestie, and partner in crime, my little sister! 
Jessi Engelke

Software/Tech Consultant & Systems Strategist

I love creating systems 💻 and procedures that are accessible, effective, and efficient. I’m both a strategic thinker and implementer, able to switch my focus between big-picture vision and granular details easily. My favorite color is green, I love sci-fi and jigsaw puzzles. My partner and I live in Kirkland, WA, with our 9-year-old schnauzer mix named Dori.

Martha Ola

Diplomat, Queen Maker & Executive Coach

International 🌍 collaboration was the backbone of my career for over 2 decades, but my journey with Ellyvated has brought new meaning to my passion. From the heights of diplomacy to the heart of empowering entrepreneurs. Now I use my diverse cultural experiences as a CCK and as a diplomat to help our clients thrive in their fields and beyond. 

Elly (Mishelle) Hurst

CEO/Founder, Accredited OBM & Strategist

Meaningful and authentic ✨ connections fuel me. I’m a TCK (third culture kid) and neurodiversity advocate. I love to travel, learn about new cultures, and taste new cuisines! 🥘 
When not Ellyvating, you’ll find me fueling my love for global collaboration by watching K-dramas, reading Chinese novels, taking naps, and developing my skills 😆. 

Aside From Our Custom Solutions, What Sets Us Apart?

Core Values


We embrace and celebrate authenticity in every aspect, fostering genuine connections.


We empower driven and neurodivergent founders and professionals to thrive by leveraging their unique strengths to stand out and Ellyvate.


We strive for excellence in providing customized solutions, ensuring consistent and meaningful growth.


We foster an international inclusive community, valuing diversity in neurodiversity and thought, and emphasizing the power of collaboration.

Client Love

I had the pleasure of Elly being the community manager in my group. I found Elly to be incredibly supportive, easy to work with, and she had out-of-the-box ideas to engage our members in ways that were accessible and did not overwhelm.

Hannah Dixon

Digital Nomad Kit - VEA

I would highly recommend Elly! Her ability to quickly synthesize and streamline a large set of information is amazing. Not to mention, her patience with clients and passion for seeing business owners move from “survive to thrive” is contagious. Elly, you rock!

Anashay Wright

Disruptive Partners

I was running my own business online and I began to feel disorganized. Now, I have the pieces of my business laid out in a system. It’s so nice to have Elly to brainstorm with and organize with so my creative brain doesn’t get in the way of the organization my business needs to grow.

Aya Ninomiya

Aya Ninomiya OU


We utilize our superpowers–strategy, creativity, and organization, to keep 6- and 7-figure founders and professionals in their zone of genius. It’s our mission to help you increase your impact while eliminating overwhelm.


My team of awarded international professionals are ready to use our decades of experience to elevate your business to the next level and make your business and life goals a reality! 

More About Elly and Ellyvated…

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”

– Sam Levenson

 I’m Elly or Mishelle, for not-short,

Enneagram 1. ISF J-A. Libra Sun & Aries Moon.

I’m a foodie, travel enthusiast, lover of pilates (reformer), neurodivergent entrepreneur, family-oriented, and a TCK. I’m humbled to have been featured in Business Insider, Authority Magazine, and numerous other media outlets.

I grew up wandering the world, giving me a unique OBM perspective. I have a passion for cross-cultural collaboration and inclusive community.

I love learning new skills, being creative, and investing in my self-development. I earned my BSc. in Biology and a Master’s degree in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership. I’m also a certified ADHD VA, a certified DNK VA, a verified ClickUp consultant, and an accredited online business manager (OBM) to other TCKs and neuroinclusive entrepreneurs.

After spending the better half of a decade in corporate, I made the leap to live the life I truly wanted. I decided to use my years of operations and project management experience (and all my creative energy!) to help YOU accomplish YOUR big dreams and transform YOUR visions into action and impact.

3 Random Facts about Elly

1| I’m an Author

I’m a published author (under an uber-secret penname 🤣)! I write fiction novels that are full of twists and turns. As an introvert who loves reading, writing was the natural next step for me!

2| I love Pink a lot

This might not be a shocker if you’ve spent some time on this website, but for a long time, I couldn’t admit my love of pink and emojis. 🤍 I like glitter, too (Not the mess, though)!

3| I love Nicknames

I have a million and one nicknames™️ from my clients, friends, and family, and I love gifting my loved ones with nicknames! My first nickname was “hair,” I was a premie baby…😅

Life is short. Be authentic and do work that lights you up with people who uplift you. Ready to invest in an Ellyvated OBM?