Client Love Notes

“I feel much more organized. I have the pieces of my business laid out in a system that works for the way my brain works.”

Aya Ninomiya, ANIOU

If you are stuck in your business and feel like you can’t move forward because of burnout, overwhelm or just too much work, I highly recommend Elly. She will help you get on track and stay there. 

Katie Talbot

Katie Talbot

I had the pleasure of Elly being the community manager in my group. I found Elly to be incredibly supportive, easy to work with, and she had out-of-the-box ideas to engage our members in ways that were accessible and did not overwhelm.

Hannah Dixon

Digital Nomad Kit - VEA

Elly is really good at thinking WITH me and not just giving the same advice every business coach would give. She takes the extra step to help you gain clarity, get more structure, and grow your business.

Maya Lombarts

Maya Lombarts OU

As a CCK and TCK who was raised across cultures and continents, traveling and being immersed in various cultures, I’m honored to have the opportunity to increase the impact and income of my diverse clients internationally.

More Love

As a neurospicy, multi-passionate entrepreneur with some amazing superpowers, I’m thrilled to be able to support other neuroinclusive entrepreneurs and craft unique solutions to complement their communities.

She made our online community feel even more tightly knit and cozy. Elly even led a killer 3-hour brainstorming session, offering thoughtful solutions on the spot. It is an honor for anyone to have Elly on their team!💕💕💕
Faith Franzonia

Faith Dominique Virtual

I would highly recommend Elly! Her ability to quickly synthesize and streamline a large set of information is amazing. Not to mention, her patience with clients and passion for seeing business owners move from “survive to thrive” is contagious. Elly, you rock!

Anashay Wright

Disruptive Partners

I feel confident that my customers are feeling seen and happy. When you work with someone who shares similar values to you it just makes everything go smoother. If you’re considering working with Elly, just do it.
Lewis Smith

Lasmit TLB ltd.

“Elly is really good at thinking with me and not just giving the same advice every business coach would give… She takes the extra steps to see how I can improve my messaging with clarity.”

Maya Lombarts, MLIOU

Navigating business growth is like adding ingredients to a recipe, but scaling is the art of perfecting that recipe—a strategic process. Let’s make sure your business elevates seamlessly. Ready to scale with confidence knowing your business backend is in good hands?

Ready to Ellyvate Your Business to the Next Level?

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I’m humbled to have been featured in Business Insider, Authority Magazine, and numerous other media outlets. Not for curing cancer (My learning ability is pretty crazy, but that’s definitely not in my skillset), but for doing what lights me up, and supports my clients as they make a positive impact in the world. Not only do I love what I do, I love who I do it with too.

If you are looking for a partner who shares your mission and vision as you scale, not just grow, you’re in the right place.

My clients call me a ‘powerhouse,’ and their Right-Hand, and you can too.

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