Ellyvated Onboarding Experience

Elevating Excellence

Welcome to the Ellyvated Onboarding Experience—an exclusive journey where your business dreams take center stage. Our strategic partnership is designed to exceed the ordinary, focusing on your goals and setting the stage for unparalleled sustainable growth.

The refined Welcome Kit unveils how we, at Ellyvated OBM, blend excellence with bespoke strategy within our cherished client family. Get ready for an elevated partnership, where success meets a tailored approach.

In this Welcome Kit You’ll Find:

How We Collaborate

Discover our “Collaboration Strategy,” where your time is your own. As a hyper-focused team, we exceed goals within your timeframe. You’ll feel the difference—the Ellyvated OBM team has your back.

Hours of Operations

Navigating the nuances of semi-remote work, our hours align seamlessly with Eastern Standard Time, European, and Asian time zones, prioritizing global collaboration.


Investing in your success, we allocate resources accordingly. No refunds on or rollovers of services—this dedication ensures fairness and effective resource management.



Trust is sacred. We guard your information fiercely. No details are shared with third parties, ensuring the safe return of all documentation upon completion and payment.


Password Sharing

Security is key. Secure password exchange through LastPass streamlines collaboration. Set up an account to share with hello@ellyvated.com for a secure and efficient workflow.


Respecting your time is our priority. A 24-hour notice for meeting changes or cancellations ensures mutual respect. In return, we guarantee punctuality and commitment to our scheduled appointments.


Payment & Invoicing

Efficiency is our goal. Payments via Stripe or credit card, with invoices sent electronically before the 1st of each month or the start of the project(1/3). It’s a transparent, hassle-free process.


Ellyvated Client Benefits

Here, collaboration is not just a process; it’s a dynamic experience. We cherish the dialogue with our clients, encouraging an ongoing exchange of ideas.

Business Days: Monday—Thursday 8 am-3 pm EST

(We have different times for our Asia- and Europe-based client families 😊)

Effective communication is key. All calls and emails receive attention within 48 hours on business days. Including:

  • Emails and Slack messages.
  • Proactive follow-ups to gather valuable feedback.
  • Thoughtful recommendations and innovative solutions.
  • Going above and beyond to ensure our clients’ satisfaction is exceeded.

Access to Your Ellyvated OBM Team:

Collaborating with us means aligning with our capable and proactive crew of specialists dedicated to supporting your needs. For seamless collaboration, you’ll have a dedicated OBM focused on propelling your growth and ensuring success.

Turnaround Times:

Flexibility meets efficiency. Project and task turnarounds vary based on specific requirements. Clear communication keeps you informed about expected completion times. Any alterations to the original task or project may affect the timeframe.

Project Management Tools:

Your preference matters. We’re happy to integrate if you have an established routine with a project management tool like Trello or Asana. Without your tool, we’ll smoothly incorporate you into our ClickUp for streamlined project management.

Getting Started

We’re deep-diving into success, pain points, and the fine details of your business so we can levitate into business elevation and an Ellyvated collaboration. It’s time to lay it all out.

1| The Clarity Call

In this complimentary 30-minute session, we explore your successes and identify areas where you may need support. It’s an opportunity to assess if our team aligns with your business needs. Book your Clarity Call nowFollowing the call, we’ll send a custom proposal tailored to your unique requirements.

2| The Strategy Call

Step into this pivotal 90-minute planning session with Elly, designed to launch our collaboration. Share your business goals, improvement areas, and desired systems, while we evaluate your needs and business structure. This sets the tone for a customized approach to elevate your business.


3| Launch Your Solution

Choose high-impact services aligned with your goals, whether refining social media strategies, crafting newsletters, or building systems. Unlike traditional ongoing retainers, our neurodivergent team is geared to deliver quick turnarounds, attention to detail, and high-level solutions with each VIP intensive.

4| Collaborate, Elevate

Experience support tailored to your evolving requirements. We utilize our superpowers to deliver high-level solutions with quick turnarounds. Whether through projects, VIP days, or targeted sessions, we’re committed to elevating your business with precision, passion, and a neurodivergent touch.



Time to get elevating! We want to set up action items and start making things happen. You’ll start visualizing your company’s direction and start feeling the stress melt away. It’ll be like a business spa day!

VIP Sessions

  • G-Drive & Email Organization
  • Dubsado & ClickUp Setup
  • PR/Media Pack Creation
  • Resource/Course Design


  • Quarterly Strategic Planning
  • Media Strategy Sessions
  • Social Media Content Design
  • Newsletter Design

Management Retainers

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • PR-HARO Management

Elly Here,

Let’s Get Started!

As your Right-Hand and Strategist, I’m here to help you get organized and ensure you have a plan for your backup plan, brainstorm with you, and lessen your mental load. I’m here to help you scale your business and delegate like the CEO you are. Running a business is no small feat. Luckily, it’s my business to keep yours organized and functional on the back end.

Let’s remove those bottlenecks in your business and take back your time. We’ll create more time for you to do what you love and make the world a brighter place. If you are looking for a partner who shares your mission and vision as you scale, not just grow, you’re in the right place.

My clients call me a ‘powerhouse,’ and their Right-Hand, and you can too.

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