What is an Ellyvated Online Business Manager?

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So, what is an ellyvated online business manager (OBM) exactly? Since you’re here, you’re probably a little bit familiar with what an online business manager is. Or, you’re curious about what an online business manager can do for your business. 


As an entrepreneur, you might have heard the advice somewhere along the way that you should hire an online business manager (OBM). You may be asking yourself questions along the lines of: What is an online business manager going to do for me? Do I really need an OBM? Am I ready to hire an OBM?


And since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what makes an Ellyvated online business manager different. Should I invest in an Ellyvated OBM? For some, you probably needed an OBM to join your team like yesterday! For others, you might not need an OBM yet. Maybe a VA would be the best fit for now. If you’re not sure about the difference between an OBM and a VA, check out my post on this topic, here.


What is an Online Business Manager?

An online business manager is a virtually-based support professional who manages online-based businesses. This includes the day-to-day management of projects, operations, metrics, and teams. The role of an OBM is to ensure the right things get done at the right time. In the right way, by the right team members.


An online business manager is an online professional with extensive experience in business management. They are comfortable working in a fully digital environment. An OBM’s goal is to scale your business. We focus on getting you back in your zone of genius. 


What is an Ellyvated Online Business Manager?

We’ve talked some about what an Online Business Manager is. Now, what the heck is an Ellyvated OBM? An Ellyvated OBM is a Certified Online Business Manager that works with heart-centered entrepreneurs like you. A heart-centered business is one with a central mission of doing good and making the world a brighter, kinder place.


If your goal is to improve the world in some way, you are a heart-centered entrepreneur. I wholeheartedly agree with Gala Darling’s statement, “this is the age of doing work that matters…”  When you collaborate with an Ellyvated OBM, you work with an OBM focused on making the world brighter. Keeping you in your zone of genius. At Ellyvated, we thrive on doing meaningful work by enabling you to do more meaningful work. We make it our mission to provide you with customized service in the digital age.


Why is Online Business Management gaining so much momentum?

The whole world has gone digital. Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Globalization is rampant and will only continue to increase in momentum.


From shopping to gaming and everything in between, most of our activities are now done online. COVID-19 did not undermine globalization as experts had predicted. While travel and tourism have been hit hard, international trade has surged since the pandemic, according to a new study of global connectedness


The internet has become a language of its own. A language that many of us speak fluently. Businesses are no different. Most business activities today can either be fully done online or more efficiently using digital tools and systems.


Is Digitalization a good thing for small businesses?

There are so many amazing automation options and tools available to entrepreneurs out there. Yet, finding the time and capacity to become a systems expert can be exhausting! We can’t neglect all the hats you’re currently wearing. The increased digitalization of the world has made it more difficult for business owners to keep up with frequent technological innovations.


What if you could take off all those hats and take advantage of digitalization? Imagine this, no more working your weekends and evenings away. No more spending all your time working in your business rather than on your business.


Imagine going from being overwhelmed and frustrated to actually living that laptop lifestyle. What if there was an easy way for you to turn this dream into a reality? If this sounds like you, you might just be ready to hire an OBM. Or, maybe you’re ready to collaborate with an Ellyvated Online Business Manager


How does an Ellyvated Online Business Manager work?

There are a variety of different ways to work with an OBM. These include VIP Days, Strategy Sessions, Intensives, and Online Business Management Retainer packages. OBMs do a lot in the back end of your business so you can focus on bringing in revenue, doing fulfilling work, and living the life you deserve!


Regardless of the niche or the specialization of an OBM, we typically implement a 3-steps process when starting a new collaboration with a client. We focus heavily on the first step to give you the customized experience you deserve from a boutique OBM business. Because your solution should be as unique as your business.


Step 1: Getting to know the business

Once we join forces and become a dream team in our own right, the games begin! Your very own OBM will start to learn everything they can about your business and research the market. This can include website audits, systems audits, team audits, competitor research, service audits, product audits, and more!


We take a deep dive into the back end of your business to learn what is working, what can be optimized or streamlined, and what just isn’t cutting it anymore. We analyze your unique business to determine what systems and procedures are holding you back, so we can get past those bottlenecks. Your OBM will identify the gaps in communication within your team and between the business and your niche. It is extremely crucial for your OBM to get familiar with your unique business so we can determine how to get you to your business goals in the shortest time possible.

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Step 2: Ellyvating your business to the next level

At this point, your business will start the elevation process. Once your OBM has identified the bottlenecks in your business we can then come up with a solution that best fits your business needs, team dynamic, budget, and timeline. Taking your resources into consideration, we can determine if VIP Days and Intensives–a shorter turnover time with a higher price, for projects you needed to be done like yesterday, is right for you. Or, if OBM retainers and project packages–a longer turnover time with prices increasing with the number of deliverables per month or project–are a better fit for your goals.


Your OBM will work with your team, budget, and unique business framework to streamline your current processes. We will begin to implement new procedures, select new software and tools, and train your team to fully take advantage of the automation of your business. Your Ellyvated OBM will prioritize building the business of your dreams supported by the systems and structure to allow you to scale past 6 figures with ease.


Step 3: Creating sustainable growth

Your Ellyvated OBM will create processes that facilitate the growth of your business. We do this by laying down the foundations for sustainable growth. We create and streamline Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, systemize your daily operations, and automate your business where necessary. 


An Ellyvated online business manager becomes your business bestie. We’ll be there to be your brainstorming buddy and your business strategist, and make sure your business is scaling while you get to be the CEO of your business. We’ll take control of the back end of your business. This lets you focus on your zone of genius knowing that your business is in good hands.


If you’ve been nodding your head while reading all of this and your brain is screaming “I need an Elly in my life!” It’s time for you to click here to schedule a call with me. I can’t wait to give you your life back without sacrificing the future of your business. 


If having an online business manager join your team sounds great but you’re not a hundred percent sure you’re ready, I’d still love to chat. Let’s get together to see where you are in your business, where you’d like to be, and how you can get there.


So, what is an online business manager? An online business manager is a virtually based support professional who manages online-based businesses including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, metrics, and teams. 


What is an Ellyvated online business manager? An Ellyvated online business manager is an accredited OBM and your business bestie. We make it our mission to equip heart-centered entrepreneurs with the systems, tools, and structures to scale their unique service-based businesses with ease. We’ll help you remove the bottlenecks in your business and take back your time by creating and implementing customized systems and processes for your unique business, team dynamic, and goals.


Let’s make the world a brighter place, and do meaningful work together. Hop on a call with me here, so we can chat about how we can Ellyvate your business to the next level. What is holding you back from collaborating with an Ellyvated online business manager and taking your business to the next level? 


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